SHAPE Lecturer awarded SHU Inspirational Teaching Award

SHAPE is proud to announce Dr. Ada Lee, the Programme Coordinator and Lecturer of BA (Hons) Business Managementwas awarded the SHU Inspirational Teaching Award in August 2022. The award celebrates teachers who inspire and support students to achieve to the best of their abilities. 84 staff from all SHU overseas partners were nominated, including 34 from SHAPE. Following a panel held in SHU in August 2022, Dr. Lee was awarded the Inspirational Teaching Award for 2022 to recognise her teaching excellence. She also received a commendation for this award in 2019. 


Dr. Lee is also the Programme Coordinator and Lecturer of the BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management. Her students remarked her “a passionate teacher who always provide feedback and suggestions for improvement”, “always well-prepared for classes” and “willing to spend time with students on assignments”. 


Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Lee on this achievement!