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This programme addresses recent technology developments and anticipates emerging industry needs that will be essential in the changing technological, business, and social environment.  Graduates can pursue career opportunities in the field of design and coding, web development, media production, games development, and audio technology. 

Digital Media Showcase by UWE Bristol



Programme Features

Live project
This programme allows you to take on a project where you research an area of interest and develop a digital media application, consolidating your knowledge and demonstrating your expertise.

Exhibition & competition
You will have opportunities to exhibit your work in the Graduate Show and take part in competitions.  Our students won in various creative technologies related competitions in the past.

Outstanding past students
12% outstanding students of this programme awarded Government Scholarships in 2021 and 2022.



Creative Technologies Project 

The Creative Technologies Project is an individually executed project that enables the student to select and investigate a topic of interest beyond or even outside the normal level of treatment in the taught modules. It will allow the student to demonstrate the ability to independently learn the skills and abilities required for a complex project and creatively demonstrate their problems solving ability within the chosen area.

Commercial Games Development (CEF Module)

(CEF code: 34Z134752)
This module provides a platform for students to not only develop a professional, commercially viable entertainment software product, but to do so in a setting which mimics one typical of industry and where the completed product forms possibly the most substantial part of their professional portfolio upon graduation.

3D Modelling and Animation (CEF Module)

(CEF code: 34Z134736)
This module enables students to create and evaluate 3D models and animations and to apply tools and techniques appropriately to achieve a range of effects and optimise performance. Students will be expected to understand factors that may influence the way in which animations are perceived and interpreted by a viewer and to apply a user-centred approach in the development of their work.

Audio-visual Production  (CEF Module)

(CEF code: 34Z134744)
This module aims to equip students with the technical and professional skills required for audio-visual production in a commercial digital media environment. Emphasis will be given to the process of design and production and to the integration of audio and visual elements to produce products of a professional standard.

Interaction Design (CEF Module)

(CEF code: 34Z120190)
Taking a human-centred perspective, Interaction Design focuses on the process of designing interactive digital products, applications and services that help enhance and re-scope the way that people use digital technologies and information. Students will explore designing the dialogue between people and technology within different contexts, with a view to finding creative and engaging ways to realise interactive experiences. 

 Live Sound

Live Sound is a module aimed at developing craft skills with a solid foundation of technical knowledge and understanding upon which to base strategies for successful sound in a fluid, unpredictable live environment. 

 Advanced Performance  

The module will be delivered through a mix of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and workshops. The assessment provides a platform for students to demonstrate and regularly discuss their developing skills in musical performance. 

   This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund. The mother course (BSc (Hons) Digital Media) of this module is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 5). 



Oral presentation, assignment, examination, laboratory and practical report.



QF Level

QF Level : Level 5
QR Registration No. : 14/002686/L5
Validity Period : 01/09/2014 - 31/08/2025

Importance of choosing a non-local top-up with QF Level 5

  • Degree qualifications pitched at QF Level 5 are formally recognised by the HKSAR Government for employment purposes within the Civil Service for graduate posts.

Further Studies
  • Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes.  Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong or Oveseas.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Holders of a Higher Diploma (HD) / Associate Degree (AD) / equivalent qualification in multimedia, digital entertainment, web design, web development, or related subject areas.  


English Proficiency Requirements

  • Applicants holding post-secondary qualifications (e.g. Higher Diploma, Associate Degree) taught and assessed in English from recognised institutions;


  • At least an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with 5.5 in each component, or an overall IELTS score of 6.0 with 6.0 in each component, or equivalent.

Student Stories


"The BSc (Hons) Digital Media programme allowed me to learn in-depth design concepts and principles, and utilize these knowledge in developing digital media projects. With the support and guidance from the lecturers, I overcame many new challenges throughout my study, which also deepened my knowledge and sharpened my skills in digital media."

Ng Wing Kiu​

BSc (Hons) Digital Media (Part-time)

  • Higher Diploma in Digital Animation and Creative Media, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK ​
  • Hong Kong ICT Awards Merit Winner
  • MFA Computational Arts | Goldsmiths, University of London

"The BSc (Hons) Digital Media programme, in particular the "Commercial Game Development module", has equipped me with both professional knowledge and hands-on experience in game engines.  The programme has given me a head start for my career as a Software Engineer in a multimedia company.  SHAPE lecturers were very helpful, they offered very useful advice along my learning journey."

Tse Yu Kiu

BSc (Hons) Digital Media





Fees & Funding


  • Application Fee : HK$200 (No application fee before the deadline!)
  • Registration Fee : HK$3,500
  • Tuition Fee : HK$78,360 by 2 (FT) or 4 (PT) instalments 


A variety of attractive scholarships are available to current and graduating SHAPE students



“I took part in a STEM competition as my final year project and I learnt a lot from this. I’m thankful to SHAPE lecturers who offered me tremendous support in getting me an internship and helping me grow in so many ways.”

Wong Ho

BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship

“The diversified curriculum of this programme not only equipped me with highly practical knowledge but also broadened my mind. The “3D Modelling and Animation” was one of the most useful modules; it laid a solid foundation on 3D modelling techniques that are essential for the workplace, facilitating my career development in the creative industries.”

Wong Wing Yu

BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • HKSAR Government Outstanding Performance Scholarship

Creative Technologies Project (CTP) module
Playful She (3D Animation/ Storytelling/ Character Design)

Financial Aids 

The following HKSAR Government financial assistance schemes are available to eligible students who pursue this programme at SHAPE:

Financial Assistance Schemes
Amount (HK$)  FT Mode PT Mode
Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme (NMTSS) Up to $34,390 per year 



Continuing Education Fund (CEF)  Up to $25,000* --


Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)

 Up to $91,040
(Tuition fee grant)

Up to $8,810
(Academic expenses grant)

Up to 57,340
(Living expenses loan)


Y --
Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)  Up to the annual tuition fees payable in the academic year Y


Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS)  Up to the annual tuition fees payable in the academic year -- Y

For details including eligibility and subsidy amount, please refer to the hyperlink of each scheme.


Career Prospects/ Further Studies

Career Prospects

5th Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme

As one of the core sectors of Hong Kong’s vibrant creative industries, the digital entertainment (DE) industry has been changing rapidly in the past few years. DE companies are becoming more and more technology-driven. The prevalence of social media and mobile platforms has driven new ways of operation and development. It has been a challenge for DE companies to recruit new talents who have relevant hands-on experience to meet the DE industry’s technical needs and cope with the new business environment.

The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA, the Organizer) is pleased to organize the 5th Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme (Support Scheme) with staunch support and generous sponsorship from Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Support Scheme has the following objectives:

  • To subsidise and encourage local DE companies to employ and train fresh graduates and nurture the latter to become new blood of the industry;
  • To pair up local fresh graduates with potential employers to facilitate the former to enter into the industry and be advised of the prospects in the DE industry; and
  • To foster the development of the DE industry with more abundant supply of DE talent working in the industry

Graduates will have opportunities to work with organisations ranging from large corporations to smaller entrepreneurial start-ups. You could work at all stages of content creation, with roles including designer, developer, creative technologist, project management and client handling to information architecture and user experience design.

Zero Wong is the co-founder of AESIR, an Asia’s Top 20 Social Enterprise and Global Top 500 Tech Startup. Upon completion of his Higher Diploma studies, Zero earned a scholarship and went on to pursue BSc (Hons) Digital Media and graduated with flying colors.

Read his full story here: VTC Alumni Making a Difference - Zero Wong: Vocational Education - Key to entrepreneurship



“My journey with SHAPE deepen my understanding of digital media and game development. As the founder of Morning Star Gaming, I sought a programme with theoretical depth and practical insights for the games industry. The "Commercial Games Development" module explores the process of developing successful games from concept to launch. The gained insights were directly relevant to my role, enabling innovative strategies for market appeal and player engagement. SHAPE's supportive environment, industry experience, and collaborative projects fostered creativity. Their commitment to bridging academia and industry provided invaluable networking opportunities, enriching my entrepreneurial journey.”

Leung Cheuk Fung, Derek
BSc (Hons) Digital Media


“With the applications of digital media technologies, 3 Rices Limited provides engaging and interactive user experience in publicity events and activities with the clients. The company has worked with diversified clients and provided them with digital marketing strategies including Education Bureau, PMQ, Chow Tai Fook, Asiaray Media Group Ltd., Calbee, etc.”

Lau Ngo Ting, Teddy
BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • Founder and Managing Director of 3 Rices Limited

“I found this programme very suitable for me, and the modules were very interesting. The “Audio Visual Production (AVP)” module provided me with the opportunity to cooperate with other classmates on the pre-production, production and post-production stages of video commercials and corporate identities. The lecturers were able to give lots of ideas, references and opinions, which led me to think out of the box and solve problems from a multiple perspectives.”

Chiu Wing Fung
BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • 北京電影學院-攝影系進修班,主修電影攝影
  • 參與作品 - 美食真人秀節目:《十二道鋒味-第一季》《十二道鋒味-第三季》、廣告:《鋒味曲奇-聖誕篇》《保信信貸》、微電影:《Carpe Diem》《iWorld》《旺角太紫》

"The study life at SHAPE was a meaningful experience for me.  I gained comprehensive knowledge in digital media production, such as 3D production and board games design, which benefits my current programming job a lot.  I also appreciate the support and professional advice from the tutors throughout my learning journey."

Yahoo Fu
BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • Co-founder and CTO, RR Fun Creative Lab Limited
  • Founder, Alexx Game Studio
  • Awardee of Cyberport CCMF
  • Awardee of PolyU Micro Fund 
  • 2nd runner up of Hong Kong Techathon (New Generation Technology)

Further Studies

Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes. Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong or Overseas.

Some of our graduates have pursued further studies in the following programmes:


Current studying at National Sun Yat-sen University, Department of Theater Arts, Master of Art (MA) Degree.

Lau Ka Wing
BSc (Hons) Digital Media

  • HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award 2020-21
  • Disney Outstanding Industrial Attachment Scholarship
  • VTC Student Development Scholarship (IT Discipline 9-days PQ Festival IA Tour in Prague, Czech) in 2019



Project Showcase/ Awards/ Campus Life

Project Showcase

Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology (HKIIT) ExploreFest

Designed by students: FONG Hin Wing, LI Wing Yan, NG Suet Sin, WONG Kap Fat


Emerging Design Talents Show 2022


BSc (Hons) Digital Media graduate’s NFT project showcases in mega digital event

Project title: “Emoji Painting NFT Generative Art”
Designed by Graduate: Lau Ngo Ting, Teddy



NFTs-based art pieces have been trending these years. A workflow with an NFTs generation installation art piece is suggested to be installed and implemented in art galleries. It might offer opportunities for the public to experience the creation of digital artwork as a modern way to interact with art without spending a decade learning the tools, concepts, or even programming languages. It might also be the bridge, connecting artists and the public, building communities and developing art collections.


NFTs Gallery - Teaser Video


Demonstration of the real time NFTs Gallery


Student Awards

The 2nd "My Hong Kong Story" English Short Film Competition
Project Title: 我們連結一起 We Connect
Excellence Award Winner: 蕭寶玲、萬思欣、廖學軒、伍靜琦



Global Game Jam 2024, UK Site
Project Title: Hold IT
3rd Prize Winner: NG Suet Sin/ Wong Kap Fat/ Fung Yuk Cheung/ Shiu Suet Ching Pheodora

Global Game Jam 2024, HK Site
Best Dynamic Content Game
Project Title:
Chicken or the Egg? 雞先定蛋先?
Designed by: Derek Leung (Programmer) and his team


AiTLE x CMHK IT Lab Design Competition

Champion: Leung Yu Kei Chris 

1st runner up: Lau Kwun Man 

2nd runner up: Tsang Kwok Hei 

Merit: So Ho Kwan

Merit: Wong Pak Yan Zoe, Lam Wai Sang, Fung Chung Pong, Chang Ning, Lee Ka Ki, Lo Man Wa, Wong Wing Yu,Tse Pak Hin, Wong Ho Hang Michael


HKT Smart Kiosk Design Competition

Champion: Chan Ho Ming
1st runner up: Tso Chi Yan
2nd runner up: Ng Wing Kiu
3rd runner up: Ip Lai Yin


Merit (Digital Entertainment Award - Interaction Design Stream), Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020
Project title: “Hong Kong Culture Visit Augmented Reality (AR)” 
Designed by Graduate: Ng Wing Kiu


Student Award
Chan Yuet Ching
Chau Yi Hei
Fong Wing Sze
Ho Chun Yin
HKSAR Government Outstanding Performance Scholarship 2022-23
Lau Hoi Ming
Yu Pak Cheung
HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2022-23
Chan Hin Shing
Chan Kim Tsau
Chow Tsz Chun Mike
Chow Wan Him
Chu Chung Hang
Ip Paak Ho
Li Ka Hang
Mak Chun Lok
Mok Wai Chun
Tong Ching Hoi
Tsang Ying Lam
Tsui Chun Hei
HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award 2022-23
Chow Mei Yin
Chow Shun Yan
Kwok Kin Shing
Wong Ho Hang Michael
Wong Wing Yu
Wu Wan Ching
Yung Chi Kong
Tsang Kwok Hei
HKSAR Government Outstanding Performance Scholarship 2021-22
Yeung Man Kit Jacky HKSAR Government Endeavour Scholarship 2021-22
Lau Chin Ho
Wong Ho
HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2021-22
Lau Kwun Man
Law Yan Kin
Liu Mo Yuen
Tsoi Shing Hei
Wong Man Ching
HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award 2021-22
Chan Po Yi
Leung Wai Yin
Wong Hoi Fung
HKSAR Government Outstanding Performance Scholarship 2020-21
Tsoi Kin Chi HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2020-21

Chan Ka On
Ho Yun Sum
Lam Sei Pui
Lam Yuen Yee
Lau Ka Wing
Law Yik Yu
Ma Miu Tin
Mak Ching Lam Nicole
Pang Yui Yin
Wong Lai Sin
Yam Lik Ho

HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award 2020-21


Graduation Ceremony



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