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Interested in developing an all-round business skillset?

If you have a passion for business and an aptitude for organisation and management, this programme can prepare you for a wide range of roles in today’s dynamic business environment.  It focuses on the application of theory to real business situations, and reflects contemporary business thought and practice.

UK-specific contents may not be applicable to HK students

Programme Features

Fast completion 
Complete in 14 months on a part-time basis

Flexible self-study hours
This programme adopts a sequential modular structure where you attend one to two lectures a week and handle just one module at a time.  You can arrange your self-study more flexibly; and hence, retain your career advancement and earning power even during the study.




This module aims to introduce students to entrepreneurship and how it relates to business administration. Contemporary debates such as nature vs. nurture, structure vs. agency, individual vs. the collective and the ethics of entrepreneurship will be examined and analysed.

Project Management+ (CEF Module) 

   (CEF Code: 33Z129764)

This module is designed to introduce you to the use of project management in a business environment. It aims to develop your understanding and skills in the use of project management tools and techniques, and in the impact of effective people skills on the outcomes of projects.

International Marketing+ (CEF Module)

    (CEF Code: 33Z129764)

This module aims to deliver and develop a wide-ranging perspective of the international marketplace and the challenges involved in marketing across countries and cultures. The major focus of the module is global, with coverage of emerging economies and other trade blocs.

Contemporary Business Strategy+ (CEF Module)

   (CEF Code: 33Z128083)

The main aim of the module is to provide you with the concepts, frameworks and techniques of strategic decision making to enable you to assess competitive conditions, evaluate corporate capabilities and identify means for businesses to establish sustainable competitive advantage in its industry.

Critical Issues in Globalisation+ (CEF Module)

  (CEF Code: 33Z128083)

The module is designed to help you recognise the dynamics of international business. World trade patterns and the functions of international institutions will be examined. The business strategies used by organisations to achieve their international objectives will be brought into the context of the global economic and political environment. Influences in the international business environment will be assessed in relation to the formulation of global business strategies.

International Finance 

The aim of this module is to provide you with an understanding of the international dimension of finance and how this impact upon business. By the end of this module you should be able to appreciate the workings and operation of currency derivatives markets, the international money and capital markets and the principles of currency risk management.

Business Project

This module aims to provide you with an opportunity to apply and develop their research skills and to extend their knowledge, understanding and ability to critically analyse in a specialist area of interest. You will choose an academic area related to your programme of study and apply your independent learning skills to research this area in depth. You will receive academic support through a series of group supervisions and will be allocated a project supervisor

For part-time mode only. This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund. The mother course (Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)) of this module is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 5). 

+ Students must complete all modules under the same CEF code to fulfill the CEF reimbursement requirements. 

We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated, please contact us for the latest information.



Coursework, examination(s) and a final project



QF Level

QF Level : Level 5
QR Registration No. : 22/001014/L5
Validity Period : 01/02/2024 To 30/06/2028




Importance of choosing a non-local top-up with QF Level 5

  • Degree qualifications pitched at QF Level 5 are formally recognised by the HKSAR Government for employment purposes within the Civil Service for graduate posts.

Further Studies
  • Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes.  Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong and Overseas.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements^

Applicants must hold one of the qualifications listed below:

  • VTC Professional Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) plus at least 3 years’ relevant work experience; 


  • VTC Higher Diploma (HD) in Business Administration;


  • A qualification equivalent to the above, i.e. a qualification pegged at the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 4 or equivalent, covering the relevant subject areas: accounting, business statistics, economics, management, marketing, human resources management and organisational management*.

* Subject to final approval by Coventry University



English Proficiency Requirements

  • Holders of VTC Higher Diploma or Professional Diploma taught and assessed in English; 


  • Applicants successfully completed a Higher Diploma, Associate Degree or Professional Diploma taught and assessed in English from a recognised institution in Hong Kong or equivalent;


  • At least an overall IELTS score of 6.5, or equivalent.

^ under review and subject to change

Fees & Funding


  • Application Fee : HK$200 (No application fee before the deadline!)
  • Registration Fee : HK$3,500
  • Tuition Fee for AY2023/24HK$70,300 by 4 instalments

^ Tuition fees are subject to annual review.


A variety of attractive scholarships are available to prospective, current and graduating SHAPE students.


"Coventry University ranked top 15 university in the UK. I believe the modules in this programme can broaden my business knowledge and enhance my management skills."

Jay Yeung
BA (Hons) Business  Administration

  • Coventry University Student Ambassador


Financial Aids 
The following HKSAR Government financial assistance schemes are available to eligible students who pursue this programme at SHAPE:

Financial Assistance Schemes Amount (HK$)

Continuing Education Fund (CEF)  Up to $25,000*
Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS)  Up to the annual tuition fees payable in the academic year

For details including eligibility and subsidy amount, please refer to the hyperlink of each scheme.
* Please refer to the Programme Content section of this programme for the reimbursable courses under the CEF


Career Prospects/ Further Studies

Career Prospects


"Lecturers of the programme have extensive work experiences; they are professional in both academic and industry knowledge. There were many interactions at classes which sparked our learning interests. Upon graduation, I have fully utilized the knowledge and skills learnt from the programme in my job as a senior account manager."

Jojo Chan
BA (Hons) Business  Administration

  • Senior Account Manager of a global marketing group
  • Outstanding Student Award

Further Studies

Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes.  Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong and Overseas.

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