Enter to win £1,000 Coventry University Student Ambassador Scholarship!


We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious students to be ambassadors for Coventry University at SHAPE and in return you will secure a scholarship award of £1,000.

Who are eligible?

Eligible Applicants


New students (January/ February 2023 intake) to the following programmes:

•    BA (Hons) Business Administration (Part-time)
•    BSc (Hons) Construction Management (Part-time)   



How to apply?

Very Easy! You just need to

1. Submit a letter of application in English to shape@vtc.edu.hk on or before 8 March 2023
    The letter of application should

    •    include a reason why you are interested in the scholarship and how it will add value to your studies;
    •    share with us why you want to become a Student Ambassador and how you would be the perfect student ambassador;
    •    talk about why you have chosen a Coventry University course offered at SHAPE; and
    •    ​​​​​​​let us know anything else, such as your experience, achievements or talent, we will find interesting that makes you.

2. Complete the MS Form and submit it on or before 8 March 2023.

What does a Student Ambassador do?

As an ambassador you will be representing Coventry University and will be called upon to share your experience with other students, this may be through a webinar or event such as class visits to Higher Diploma students. You will also be asked to give an insight into what life is like as a student working towards a Coventry University degree.
Important Notes

•    Students receiving this scholarship must successfully enroll into one of the Coventry University programmes listed above at SHAPE in January/February 2023
•    Entries will be initially screened by SHAPE. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend an interview in March - April 2023. A shortlist will be submitted to Coventry University, who will then choose a winner. Coventry University’s decision will be final.
•    All entries will be featured on SHAPE Facebook page, Instagram, website and across other relevant digital channels operated by SHAPE.
•    Awardees will be expected to commit to providing at least one blog or vlog for the duration of their course. They will also be expected to attend and support 3-4 events or activities to support student recruitment each year, i.e. webinar, consultation day and class visits.


Sharing from our Student Ambassadors


“I love illustration. I believe my creativity and design software skills can be further enhanced by studying this programme, enabling me to create more interesting art pieces.”

Amy Lee
BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics
2021/22 Coventry University Student Ambassador



“Coventry University has always been my first choice. I am eager to help some friends who have difficulties in their academic career by sharing my learning experience.”

Vico Chow
BA (Hons) Media

2021/22 Coventry University Student Ambassador



“I worked as an intern in a laboratory at the University of Hong Kong during the summer holiday. I discovered my interest in research and wish to develop my career in this field. Coventry University programmes offered by SHAPE enable students to obtain a degree certification within a year.  With the help of the Coventry University, I am sure my goals could be accomplished.”

Jephthah Cheung
BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences

2021/22 Coventry University Student Ambassador



“External Practice” is the most interesting module of this programme. This art design module requires us to use various computer software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to present our ideas and design creatively and professionally. I can discuss with Coventry professors online about my project and improvement areas which help to make my creations more effective. 

Max Chan
BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics

2021/22 Coventry University Student Ambassador